Crafting A Community

For many years I put down my paintbrush, buried away my sketchbooks and lost my needle and thread.  With a busy work and social calendar, I rarely put aside the time to spend on my creative projects.  When I rediscovered my passion for creating, I realized that I was connecting with a deeper part of myself.  And when I did, I felt a cathartic release because I was relenting to my natural inclination to make art and share it with others.  

Though the inkling was there all along, I was supported by the guidance of many talented teachers – from the kind woman seated next to me at an earring bee to a university professor critiquing my sketches during a drawing studio.  While it may sound saccharine, the truth is, Art is best when it is shared.  There will always be a place for artists and admirers, for novices and professionals, for students and teachers.  We can cultivate our knowledge together.

During The Snow Day Holiday Market, we will be hosting a community craft table where attendees can put together their own DIY (do-it-yourself) greeting card.  Why not take a break, sit down, meet new people, learn a new skill and make art?

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