No Snow Day This Year…

Hello everyone,

I have been fielding a few inquiries whether there will be a Snow Day Holiday Market this December.  Unfortunately, I could not find a venue in time and decided to take a break from organizing this Winter.  To find out more about exciting craft shows this holiday, check out The Toronto Craft Alert.

Best of luck on your creative endeavours!

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Crafting A Community

For many years I put down my paintbrush, buried away my sketchbooks and lost my needle and thread.  With a busy work and social calendar, I rarely put aside the time to spend on my creative projects.  When I rediscovered my passion for creating, I realized that I was connecting with a deeper part of myself.  And when I did, I felt a cathartic release because I was relenting to my natural inclination to make art and share it with others.  

Though the inkling was there all along, I was supported by the guidance of many talented teachers – from the kind woman seated next to me at an earring bee to a university professor critiquing my sketches during a drawing studio.  While it may sound saccharine, the truth is, Art is best when it is shared.  There will always be a place for artists and admirers, for novices and professionals, for students and teachers.  We can cultivate our knowledge together.

During The Snow Day Holiday Market, we will be hosting a community craft table where attendees can put together their own DIY (do-it-yourself) greeting card.  Why not take a break, sit down, meet new people, learn a new skill and make art?

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Thank You For Your Tremendous Support!

To all the wonderful artists, artisans, bakers, makers and shakers – I was overwhelmed with amazing submissions and awed by the local talent.  Unfortunately, the venue has limited space and I could only choose a handful of vendors to represent a variety of media.  For those inquiring on table or space availability, all spots have been filled. 

I am very pleased to bring you the 1st Annual Snow Day Holiday Market!  This year’s participants range from vintage inspired jewellery to holiday stationery, natural body & bath products to gourmet cupcakes, original artwork and toys hand-made with love.  Talent!  Pure talent!

With the positive response from the community, I am definitely going to plan a similar event for Spring 2011.  Please check my blog The Love Collage for upcoming details.

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Vendor Call For Submissions: Snow Day Holiday Market

The Snow Day Holiday Market is a holiday themed show and sale for local artisans, crafters, designers, bakers and retailers.  The mission of the event is to give artists, entrepreneurs and retailers an opportunity to connect and showcase their wares with the community in a fun and inviting atmosphere. 

 The focus for the show will be gift-giving and holiday:

  • Indie arts and crafts (stationary, cards, toys, small sized artwork)
  • Fashionable gifts (jewellery, accessories)
  • Homemade food (baked goods, preserves)
  • DIY presents (ornaments, stockings, warmwear)
  • Vintage

The Snow Day Holiday Market is looking for artisans, bakers, artists, crafters and local retailers to exhibit and sell their work on Sunday, December 5th, 2010, 12noon – 5pm.  This afternoon event will be taking place at The Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen Street West) in The Ballroom (click to view images).

Submissions will be accepted until Saturday, October 30th, 2010, however, please apply early as the number of available spots is limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  For more detailed information on how to apply, please click on the ‘APPLY’ tab.

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